Enjoy a more comfortable London-Miami Flight!

Flying from London to Miami could not be easier!

Air Europa airline has announced the launch of the new Premium Economy Class flights from London to Miami, via Madrid. It’s a new class which is a fusion between Economy and Business.
Air Europa created 21 Premium Economy seats in the brand new Boeing 787 dreamliner, an aircraft that saves 40 minutes on each journey.

Source: www.aireuropa.com

Source: www.aireuropa.com

 Some of the features of this new class are:

  • In-Seat PC Power
  • Unlimited Drinks, complimentary wines and beer selection
  • Seat Pitch 38 inches long and 19.5 inches wide
  • Headset.
  • 1 X 23kg free of charge baggage.
  • Priority boarding and disembarking.
  • Seats with extra recline and leg rest.

We are excited to introduce this new opportunity!
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Courtesy of www.aireuropa.com

Popular Excursions of New York and How to Get to the Statue of Liberty

Popular excursions in New York

  • City tour (half day) ~ $60,
  • A sightseeing tour with the climb to the observation deck and walk to the Statue of Liberty (all day) ~ $100,
  • Visit “Metropolitan” museum ~ $30. Walk by helicopter to the Statue of Liberty from $140,
  • A trip to Atlantic City with a visit to the casino ~ $90,
  • Excursion to Philadelphia and Atlantic City (all day) ~ $120,
  • Excursion to Washington (one day) ~ $130,
  • Visiting Niagara Falls (one day) ~ $110 plus airfare,
  • Tickets to a Broadway musical $100-180.

Newl York

In recent years, the so-called non-traditional tours of New York are becoming increasingly popular.

For example, “hip-hop tour of the Bronx and Harlem,” where participants will learn the history of this musical and visit key places for the fans of hip-hop audience: “Graffiti Hall of Fame,” Harlem “tower number 7”, where in the 1950s American fighter for the rights of black Malcolm X preached, and the club Conway – once one of the most popular hip-hop clubs in New York. Cost of the tour – from $28 for a 2-hour walking tour and up to $68 for a 4-hour bus.

You can visit the famous “mafia” Staten Island. During the tour, tourists will spend the four most famous local pizzerias: Denino’s (a favourite restaurant of the city mayor Michael Bloomberg), Jimmy Max, Joe and Pat’s and Lee’s Tavern. Eating pizza in all four institutions is necessary. Cost of the tour – $40 (food and non-alcoholic beverages included).

For $15 you can go on a tour of the cemetery Green-Wood – “city of the dead” where 600 thousand people are buried, including Leonard Bernstein, the family of Tiffany and Egyptologist Albert Ross Parsonsaodn with one of the most interesting tombstones.

How to get to the statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, about 3 km to the south-west of the southern tip of Manhattan. You can get there by a special ferry. Next you get up to the observation deck and overcome the 356 steps to the crown of the statue, or 192 steps to the top of the podium. The Crown has stunning views of New York Harbor.

Ferries to the statue leave from the Battery Park and Liberty State park in New Jersey. Entry to the statue is free. Ferry adult ticket is $13, children 4-12 years is $5.

Singapore Airlines International Cup

Singapore Airlines International Cup

Book our attractive holiday packages

The Singapore Airlines International Cup Horse Race, which is to be held at Kranji Racecourse Singapore will take place on 17 May 2015.

We have special offers for 3 day 2 night packages, which include:

  • Admission to hospitality at either Gold Card room or Committee Box room on 17 May 2015 which includes afternoon tea and dinner
  • Parade Ring tour and VIP track-side seating for 1 race
  • Private car transfer to and from Kranji Racecourse
  • Airport transfer
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation with daily breakfast
  • Flights

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8 Top Holiday Destinations for April

8 Top Holiday Destinations for April

April is a great month for a family holiday and for those who choose to travel alone.

There are three reasons to go on holiday in April:

Because of the weather!

In most countries April is a very pleasant time: it is spring, the nature is sunny and cheerful, but without exhausting heat.

Because there are no crowds!

In April, it is much easier  to go on tours: there is no summer rush and no crowds of tourists; you can see everything in peace without hurry. By the way, the nightlife is much quieter in the spring – this is a significant bonus for those who like to sleep on vacation.

Just because it’s fun!

In the spring there are numerous festivals, street parties, mass celebrations that are exciting for both tourists and the locals.

1. Thailand

You can visit this country all year round since air temperature is stable at 33 ° C and the water is always 28 ° C. The holiday can only be spoiled by tropical storms, but they are very short in April and last less than an hour. In Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi you might not see a single raindrop in two weeks.

Sandy beaches, clear sea, exotic cuisine, the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with interesting excursions – all this makes Thailand attractive for people of all ages and incomes. Having been here once, travellers fall in love with this amazing country and its friendly people and want to come back again and again.

2. Hainan Island (China)


There are alternatives to popular destinations, of course. For example, in April, the temperature on the islands and the coast of the South China Sea is very pleasant. Hainan is a beautiful island ready to receive tourists. Water temperature is 28 ° C and the air temperature is + 29 ° C. In April comfortable bathing beaches of Hainan Island are even called “Havana in the East”, as the climate is very mild and gentle, like the climate of the Hawaiian Islands.

In the usual beach program in Hainan can benefit from with some exotics, and with the benefit to the health. Now this island tour offers a variety of health improvement programs based on ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions.

Ancient Chinese techniques and medicines for treating and cleansing the body, combined with the leisurely mountain walks will help you to fully relax and recover.  (eg, tourists, accompanied by an experienced guide can climb the volcano Ma Anh, walk in the Botanical Gardens, which are in full bloom in April).

3. Vietnam

Vietnam – mysterious, full of exotic Asian region is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Holiday in April in will please, first of all, by beautiful weather. Air temperature is + 33 °, gentle clear sea, white and golden beaches, interesting national cuisine, friendly Vietnamese, elephant riding, snake farms, boat trips, fishing, skydiving – all this seems convincing enough in favour of holidaying in this country.

And Vietnam prices are much lower than those of other South-east Asian countries.

4. India (GOA)

You can go there any time of the year.  Beaches stretching from north to south are conventionally referred to as North Goa and South Goa. North Goa was chosen by hippies enjoying incendiary parties, nightlife, noise and jolly. Hotels, mostly 2-3 *are inexpensive and fun.

South Goa is considered a more respectable resort area, with 4-5 * hotels, and higher tour prices. But the sea is warm everywhere in April: the water temperature is+ 27 ° C and air temperature is 32 ° C. Holiday in South Goa predisposes for rest, regularity, abstraction, Ayurvedic procedures and internal contemplation.

5. South Africa

You fancy an unusual holiday? In South Africa, April is the time when the rainy season ends and the whole of nature comes to life so you will not find better time for safari. In addition, at this time the migration of sharks, dolphins and whales occurs which is a rare and interesting spectacle. The quality of tourist services in South Africa is truly remarkable.

6. Jordan

It is a great idea to have a holiday in Jordan. Rest in the Dead Sea will give you strength and health for the whole year, for both children and adults, and variety of exciting excursions are available for any company of tourists.

For those interested in Christian culture, the pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem will be of interest, and if Easter falls in April, there will be a unique opportunity to see the Easter celebrations, which are very beautiful.

7. Nepal

If you want something exotic – go to Nepal! 13 April is the time of Nepalese New Year which is celebrated in a very bright, beautiful and quite unusual way.

If you are physically fit you can climb higher and take a trip to the holy sites in Tibet. And for those who planned to conquer Everest, April is the best time to do this.

 8. The Netherlands


Those who are indifferent to the beach holiday can find interesting options in Europe.  In the Netherlands the flowering of tulips, daffodils, lilies is starting in April. Everywhere you can see whole fields of flowers with difference fragrances, with petals of the most unusual shape and colour. Netherlands are known as the country of tulips, tulip here is given a special place and is treated with a great honour.

5 Top Most Unusual Worlds Hotels

5 Top Most Unusual Worlds Hotels

1. India – Green Magic Tree Houses


The hotel rooms Green Magic Tree Houses are located in the Indian village high in the rain forest trees. While being in a room at a height of 30 meters above the ground one feels like the 11-year old boy in a tent on the tree. However it has the luxurious décor, a telephone and hot water, and if you’re adventurous, you will be given a suspension bridge as well. All the houses are made from environmentally friendly materials, using alternative energy sources. The view from the tree houses is simply amazing – the beauty of diverse flora and fauna pleases the eyes of the guests.

2. Japan – Capsule Inn Akihabara


In Tokyo, one of the most unusual hotels in the world – Capsule Inn Akihabara is thriving for more than 5 years. This hotel consists of two parts: a common living room and a private space for each guest – a famous capsule room. The capsule room is made of reinforced plastic, which includes all the necessary amenities such as television, radio, alarm clock, lighting, internet, quite a comfortable bed and … no space. It seems perfect, unless you suffer from claustrophobia. And, yes, there is a bathroom, which is also common and is located in the lobby. A capsule room will cost you about $ 24- $ 49 per night. In fact, it is not a lot. In 2010 during the crisis, the Japanese were renting the capsules for months.

3. Fiji – Poseidon Undersea Resort


On a deserted island Poseidon, which can be reached only by plane (island Fiji), there is a stunning Poseidon Undersea Resort. This hotel consists of 73 rooms, located on the beach and under the water on stilts. And at a depth of 12 feet (15 m), among the coral lagoon there is a real underwater hotel. It has  25 rooms-capsules, and a luxury suite “Nautilus” (300 sq m). 70% of each room are transparent, so you can enjoy the beautiful underwater life in the Fijian lagoon. Rooms in the form of plug-in units are attached to the pipe-corridor. For a sum of $ 30,000 you can spend 5 nights in rooms on the beach and 2 nights under water.

4. Turkey – Gamirasu Cave Hotel


Gamirasu Cave Hotel is located in Ayvali village of Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey. This exclusive hotel was built in 1991. It is located in caves that are more than a thousand years old. It is said that in the old days the monks from the Byzantine monastery used to settle here. Rooms are carved in the volcanic stone, as strange as it may sound. This stone is called “Tuff” which is the best insulation material capable of maintaining the temperature throughout the year from 17 to -20 C.

5. Sweden – Ice hotel


In Sweden, in the town Yukkasyarvi, 17 km from the town of Kiruna, The Ice Hotel is situated. Every year since 1991, in collaboration with the architect Aimo Reysenenom this building is being updated. The building which is made of ice and snow also has a bar, a restaurant, a movie theater, a church and even an art gallery. Here not only the walls are made of ice but everything. And one has to sleep on the elaborately carved ice beds among reindeer skins. The hotel maintains an average temperature of -8C, so most probably you will be a frequent visitor of Absolut Voldka ICE Bar.