Goa is a versatile destination that offers a wide number of attractions and activities to its visitors. From outdoor fun in the sun to a myriad of cultural and historically significant sites, Goa is a real gem. Explore two World Heritage sites, the Bom Jesus Basilica and the convents and churches of old Goa. Besides those sites there are many museums, a science centre as well as the renowned Fort Aguada and a wax museum on India history.As mentioned the two World Heritage sites are essential destinations when on a Goa holiday. The Bom Jesus Basilica holds the remains, which is unveiled to the public every 12 years, of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa. The interior is exquisitely adorned and has to be seen to be believed. There are lots of excursions available including trips to the waterfalls and forests of Goa to swim and feed the monkeys, ride and bath elephants, an island cruise to see swimming dolphins and a trip to 14th century city Hampi to see archaeologists delights.Goa has a warm climate with temperatures more or less averaging 30°C throughout the year, making a Goa holidays perfect for sun seekers. It’s a very wet time of year, however in peak season, from November to April there is hardly any rain and Goa becomes a summer haven for visitors of all ages.

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