Indonesia – Bali & Lambok

Indonesia is a chain of over 13,700 islands ranging from the tropical paradise of Bali, the untouched wilderness of Sumatra, the historical monuments of Yogyakarta and the bustling city of Jakarta. Majestic mountains,lush green rice terraces and glorious beaches, combined with a vibrant culture and the gentle charm of the Balinese, are some of the reasons why Bali is the main attraction in Indonesia. A stay in one of the southern beach resorts is ideally combined with a visit to the artists’ town of Ubud or the less developed east coast. For a relaxed atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle, head to the neighbouring island of Lombok with its beautiful beaches and wonderful coral reefs surrounding the Gili Islands to the north.


About Bali


Lombok & the Gili Islands

GMT +8

Flying Time from UK:
Approx. 15 hours.

The official language is Bahasa Indonesia but most people speak a Balinese dialect. English is widely understood and spoken in hotels, shops and restaurants.

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). £1 = IDR 16,20 approx.

Departure Tax:
Denpasar - IDR 30,000 for domestic departures, IDR 100,000 for international departures.

Visa Requirements:
Visas are obtained on arrival for all UK citizens. Approx £35 for a 60-day visa.

Getting Around:
The best way of getting around in Bali & Lombok is by taxi. There are local buses and cars can be hired but road signage and timetables can be unpredictable.

Festivals, Events & Busy Times:
Special ceremonies and festivals dominate the Balinese way of life. The best times for festivals are those unique to Bali which include: Galungan & Nyepi (mid Mar) Kuningan (early May) Bali Arts Festival (Jun/Jul) Please note almost everything closes on Nyepi Day, including the airport! Hotels are especially busy Jul- Sep when the Australian winter, the European holiday season and Bali’s best weather coincide.

Tourist Office:
For further tourist information, please contact the Indonesian Embassy: 38
Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HW. Tel: 0207 499 7661.

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