Taxes & Fees

Cheapflightsrus collects various taxes and fees as part of their airfare pricing. These charges may vary depending on the route, destination, and carrier. Some of the common taxes and fees that may be included in the airfare price are:

  1. Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs): These are fees collected by airports to fund airport improvement projects. The amount of PFCs may vary from airport to airport and can range from a few dollars to over $20.
  2. Airport Passenger Duty (APD): This is a tax levied by some countries on passengers departing from their airports. The amount of APD varies depending on the class of travel and the distance traveled.
  3. Federal Excise Tax (FET): This is a tax imposed by the US government on air transportation. The FET is calculated as a percentage of the base fare and may be subject to change.
  4. Security Fee: This is a fee collected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fund aviation security measures. The amount of the fee is based on the itinerary and can vary from a few dollars to over $10.
  5. International Taxes and Fees: For international travel, there may be additional taxes and fees imposed by the destination country or airline. These charges can include customs fees, immigration fees, and other government taxes.

It’s important to note that taxes and fees are subject to change, and the final price may be different from what was initially quoted. Cheapflightsrus includes all applicable taxes and fees in the final price of the ticket to provide transparency to customers.